Why footylist?

Like a lot of football fans, I am always hungry for well written football articles, but I only have time to check two or three well known websites a day. Usually these sites have just enough content to keep me informed, but I am occasionally left wanting more, especially for articles covering non English Premier League football. On those occasions, I wish there was an easier way to find the best written football articles -- whether they be results analysis, tactics, transfer rumours, etc., where these articles don't necessarily have to come from the well known big online papers.

It would be ideal if the articles were written by local papers, who know their home teams better than the national papers; by passionate bloggers writing about their team or league; or articles written in English, but covering football leagues from around the world.

So I finally decided to stop wishing, and instead do something about it, and the result is footylist.com.

I am a regular visitor of Hacker News, so I thought that model will hopefully work for football too, so I decided to create a clone of the site instead of reinventing the wheel. And here are the reasons why I believe the Hacker News / Reddit format would be ideal:

Create a website that was dedicated to providing links to football articles only, where the site gave football fans the ability to submit articles they found to be worth sharing. Even better, give football fans the chance to upvote the submissions so that the good articles end up in the front page longer, so more fans get the chance to read them.

But that is not all; why not let fans upvote the comments they found to be useful and informative as well, so the good comments are ranked higher and gravitate to the top so more football fans can read them. We are not done yet! To make the website even more rewarding and fun, every time an article a fan submitted is upvoted, the fan who submitted it gets rewarded with a point. The same also goes for comments, where when a comment is upvoted, the fan who wrote it gets a point. So the more the community likes your submissions and comments, the more karma points you accumulate, and the more fans get to read your link submissions and comments.

The best thing is though that this is a win-win for readers and those who write great articles, especially those articles not coming from the big online papers. Since footylist.com provides a direct link to the article, this means that more traffic is directed to the content creator's website.

That is why footylist.com was created, and hope you find it enjoyable and fun.